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Sol-Law, Lawyers is a partnership of barristers, solicitors and notaries that exists to provide commercial legal services within Solomon Islands and to its overseas clients. Our firm in Solomon Islands was established in 1996 and since then has displayed operational resilience, high success rate and exceptional quality of service. Thus, we are experienced and trustworthy to effectively provide you legal services relating to matters concerning Solomon Islands across the whole spectrum of the commercial community from government to the multi-national corporation and the sole trader.

The partnership is in a sense rare to Solomon Islands in that seldom has there been a legal practice based in Solomon Islands which combines the talent and experience of local lawyers with that of partners (now consultants) connected with other jurisdictions and linked by up to date communication aids. While linking Solomon Islands based lawyers with lawyers with an Australian background.

Our firm has not lost sight of the need to understand the commercial community in Solomon Islands, to be appreciative of its needs, and how best to provide and service those needs. Thus, we are fortunate to bring together a wealth of experienced lawyers who have an understanding of Solomon Islands’ commercial community.

Sol-law, Lawyers is a standout law firm in Honiara combining the expertise of its team of Solomon Islander and Australian lawyers.

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We aim to maintain Sol-law, Lawyers as the premier law firm in the Solomon Islands.

We understand the legal,  political, bureaucratic and commercial realities of doing business in the Solomon Islands and assist our international clients with interests in the Solomon Islands to successfully negotiate these.

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Our people are experts of law; progressive thinkers, in tune with economic, political and market conditions of your business environment.


All our professional staff are admitted in Solomon Islands as legal practitioners and are current Solomon Islands Bar Association (SIBA) members.


Sol-Law offers its clients over 120 years combined experience in the law in both the Solomon Islands and in Australia.

A Wealth of Local and International Experience

Sol-law, Lawyers combines the insight, expertise and experience of Solomon Islands based lawyers with lawyers from an Australian background. We understand the commercial community in the Solomon Islands; we appreciate its needs, and how to best provide and service those needs.

Countries of Work Experience:


Rodney Kingmele, Silverio Lepe and Eran Soma are all Solomon Islanders. All partners commenced their association with the firm prior to completion of their degrees at the University of South Pacific and were employed by the firm full time following their graduation. They have worked continuously within the firm for twenty, fifteen and ten years respectively.

The firm is fortunate to have access to their wealth of local repute, respect and cultural knowledge. They work easily with local and foreign clients and lawyers. Rodney and Silverio act as counsel and junior counsel in a range of commercial matters. Eran acts as junior counsel in commercial matters. Silverio recently completed his third consecutive term as president of the Solomon Islands Bar Association (SIBA). Eran is the current SIBA president.

Prior to November 2016, the partners included Messrs. Kingmele, Sullivan, Katahanas and McGuire.  With effect from 1 November 2016, Messrs. Sullivan, Katahanas and McGuire became consultants to Sol-Law (Mr. Sullivan in the capacity of Special Counsel).

Mr. Sullivan KC acts as Special Counsel.  Our consultants are Messrs. Dennis McGuire and John Katahanas.  All three have maintained a current Australian practicing certificate for in excess of the last 30 years.

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